Faience Care RulesFaience Care Rules

Faience Care Rules

Earthenware should be washed in warm water using a small amount of detergent. You can replace various cleaning and washing substances with ordinary baking soda.

Faience products should be handled very carefully, as they can be easily ruined, they can become covered with cracks. Sudden temperature drops are strictly forbidden: from hot to cold, and vice versa, from the cold – in a hot oven.

Such careless handling can have consequences. Do not be surprised if your plate or bowl is covered with a large number of cracks in speed.

When washing earthenware, do not use metal scouring pads, as they easily scratch the glaze and other delicate coatings.

Glazed earthenware dishes can not be specially dried, as the liquid itself will quickly evaporate.

Do not cover the faience with a lid, if you do not want to have an unpleasant smell during storage. However, if you are faced with this, then you can correct the situation with the help of kitchen salt and acetic acid. Just add these substances to a small amount of warm water and rinse the dishes.