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Product Tags - Darun News

Product Tags

Now each item has a tagged block. With the help of tags you can easily find related products of the same subject.
Site search - Darun News

Site search

We have launched a site search. Now you can quickly find the product you are interested in by specifying in the search: product number, name, manufacturer or any other data.
We have reduced the minimum amount for an order. - Darun News

We have reduced the minimum amount for an order.

Due to the large number of requests, we have reduced in two, the threshold of the minimum amount for ordering from 4000 UAH to 2000 UAH
Delays in shipments - Darun News

Delays in shipments

Due to weather conditions, parcels may be delayed by the delivery services.
Online orders are available. - Darun News

Online orders are available.

Now you can place an order on the site - this will allow us to process your orders faster!
We have updated the site - Darun News

We have updated the site

We tried to make the most convenient resource for our users.