Silver Necklace “Samothy Stone Monument” «Yakimova Jewelry»

Silver Necklace “Samothy Stone Monument”
Silver Necklace “Samothy Stone Monument”Silver Necklace “Samothy Stone Monument”
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Длина: 52 см
Диаметр: 6 мм
Состав: адуляр, серебряная цепочка, серебро 925 пробы
Автор: Yakimova Jewelry
Тип: Аксессуары
Наименование: Silver Necklace “Samothy Stone Monument”
Количество в упаковке: 1 шт.


Silver necklace with natural adula (moonstone).
Stones of excellent quality — each bead is carefully selected and has an iridescence effect.
Factory production chain — 925 sterling silver.
The moonstone has the greatest strength in the full moon — wear it these days — This is a great talisman from external negative.
Possible set as the last photo.

Bead size -   6 mm
Length - 52 cm

The work is presented for example