Ceramic plate - magnet «София Трач»

Ceramic plate - magnet
Ceramic plate - magnet
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Диаметр: 63 мм
Материал: керамика
Автор: София Трач
Тип: Картинки и магниты
Наименование: Ceramic plate - magnet
Количество в упаковке: 1 шт.


Ceramic Plate — magnet — This is an original gift!

  • Base ceramic plate (diameter 63 mm)
  • Metallic magnet
  • Each magnet is packed

By purchasing such products you not only receive exclusive product , but also support Ukrainian manufacturer .

The image on the magnet can correspond to your individual order: the locality \ corporate logo \ any other image, etc.

The total order of magnets is possible from 600 UAH