Hydrophilic oil for cleansing the face 50 ml «CHICHKA»

Hydrophilic oil for cleansing the face 50 ml
Hydrophilic oil for cleansing the face 50 ml
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Объем: 50 мл
Состав: масляный экстракт календулы, масло макадамии, масло жожоба, касторовое масло, полисорбат 80, эфирные масла лаванды, розмарина, грейпфрута, витамины А, Е, F
Тип: Косметика
Наименование: Hydrophilic oil for cleansing the face 50 ml
Количество в упаковке: 1 шт.


Hydrophilic oil for cleansing the skin

Hydrophilic oil, in conjunction with water, forms a soft emulsion, easily applied to the skin of the face, perfectly washes even waterproof cosmetics, cleanses the pores, softens the skin, enriches it with vitamins and other beneficial substances. Contains marigold extract.

Method of application: apply a small amount of oil on a wet cotton pad, wipe the skin of the face. Repeat if necessary. For deep cleansing of the skin: warm the skin of the face, put a towel pre-moistened in well warm water for a few minutes, apply the oil on the wet skin, and wait 2-3 minutes. Wash off with a wet towel.

After cleaning the skin with hydrophilic oil, additional washing with other means is not necessary!

Calendula oil extract has a strong anti-inflammatory, regenerating, soothing and softening effect on the skin, eliminates its dryness, refreshes, tones, smoothes fine lines.

Macadamia Oil — rich in fatty acids, minerals (copper, zinc, potassium, selenium), vitamins B, E, PP. It provides a restorative, rejuvenating effect on the skin, increases its tone, elasticity and elasticity, dissolves greasy plugs, cleanses pores. Perfectly softens even hardened skin, normalizes its water-fat balance.

Jojoba oil is a lot of amino acids and proteins, its composition is identical to collagen. It provides a restorative, rejuvenating effect, stimulates the regeneration of skin cells, and is excellent for skin care around the eyes.

Castor oil — perfectly cleans the skin, removes age spots, scars; carries out additional strengthening action for eyebrows and eyelashes.

Vitamin E — keeps skin young, prevents loss of moisture, elasticity and elasticity. In oil, it additionally acts as a preservative and antioxidant (prevents oxidation of the oil).

Polysorbate 80 — emulsifier, made from olive oil. Provides solubility of fatty and essential oils in water. It also has an emollient and moisturizing effect on the skin.

Suitable for all skin types.