Protective hand cream with lanolin and cotton extract «CHICHKA»

Protective hand cream with lanolin and cotton extract
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Объем: 120 мл
Состав: Вода, экстракт хлопка, масло какао, кокоса, жожоба, виноградных косточек, воск эмульсионный, ланолин, консервант натуральный сорбат калия и бензоат натрия, вит. А и Е, эфирные масла грейпфрута, лаванды, пачули
Тип: Косметика
Наименование: Protective hand cream with lanolin and cotton extract
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Moisturizes, restores and effectively protects the skin of the hands from the negative influence of the external environment, eliminates irritation

For all skin types

Apply a small amount of the product to the skin of the hands, it is easy to massage until completely absorbed.

Natural hand cream « Protective » after several uses, with lanolin and cotton extract from the Chichka brand, it will help to get rid of the feeling of tightness, manifestations of desquamation and even the formation of microcracks on the surface of the dermis. Cotton extract in tandem with cocoa butter helps to restore the skin’s natural protective barrier, nourishes the epidermis with beneficial microelements and prevents moisture loss. Jojoba and grape seed oils stimulate the regenerative processes and metabolism in the cells, provide basic nutrition. Emulsion wax prevents mechanical penetration of irritants, creating an invisible protection on the surface of the skin without feeling oily film. Lavender, patchouli and grapefruit essential oils provide a unique aroma.


Hand skin care is considered one of the most important daily rituals for any modern person; it is constantly at an active pace. After all, it is the hands that are primarily exposed to the negative effects of harmful substances: detergents, street dust, contact with the variety of bacteria on surfaces in public transport, office desks or even a smartphone that is familiar to everyone, exposure to ultraviolet radiation and many other irritating factors. Natural hand cream « Protective » with lanolin and cotton extract from the brand Chichka - this is a unique tool with a high level of protection for your skin from the above negative factors. We have taken care of a unique combination of components of the product, which direct the main effect on eliminating irritations and preventing the skin cells from losing moisture. Regular use of natural hand cream « Protective » will help you to harmonize the natural water-lipid balance of the epidermis even under the influence of irritating factors. Washing dishes or constant contact with chemicals will no longer leave a mark on the surface of your hands. In addition, the extract of cotton in classical cosmetology is known for its rich composition of vitamins and minerals. The action of this component is designed to restore the natural protective barrier of the surface of the epidermis by deeply saturating the cells with beneficial substances and improve blood microcirculation. Natural hand cream « Protective » It has a delicate, pleasant to the touch texture and is absorbed quickly enough, leaving a soft fragrant plume without an unpleasant feeling of fatness. If the surface of your hands is constantly exposed to irritants, you constantly feel dry, and the surface of the epidermis is often covered with cracks, redness or harshness, Chichka brand recommends for daily use natural hand cream "Protective » with lanolin and cotton extract.