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Cream-cute face
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Вес: 110 г
Тип: Косметика
Наименование: Cream-cute face
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Chichka brand face soap is a universal remedy for gentle cleansing of all skin types. The natural oils that make up the product return the natural balance and moisturize every cell of your face. To eliminate redness, irritation and manifestations of allergy, zinc oxide in its natural form is included in the cream soap. Vitamins A and E stimulate regeneration and rejuvenation in the upper layers of the epidermis.


Natural handmade cream soap for face

When meeting people first of all pay attention to the person - this is a long-known truth. If you have already used dozens of different care products, but have not found a worthy option, we offer you the latest development from the brand of natural cosmetics Chichka - natural cream-soap for the face. This is a universal option for effective care for all skin types.

Cream soap is just a name, because the foam from this cosmetic product is extremely soft and gentle. After rinsing the skin, you will not feel any tightness or peeling, so this product is also recommended for people with dry skin. The cream soap for the face has received its moisturizing properties due to the content of coconut and olive oils - the most well-known nutritional components of the modern cosmetic industry. Zinc oxide prevents all sorts of inflammation and redness, fights against allergic reactions, so your face will always look healthy.

The composition of this cosmetic product contains only natural ingredients, without artificial preservatives and dyes. In addition, due to the special structure, the cream-soap for the face in the process of use does not crack and does not leave an unpleasant paraffin bloom, like ordinary soap. Due to the high concentration of components, the product is used sparingly, so it will last for a long time.