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Состав: Омыленные масла: кокосовое, оливковое, касторовое, пальмовое, рапсовое; вода; кофе молотый; уходу масла: какао, миндаля сладкого, оливковое; эфирные масла апельсина, корицы; глиттер косметический, зерно кофе
Тип: Косметика
Наименование: SOAP gift COFFEE WITH CREAM
Количество в упаковке: 1 шт.


Gently scrub the skin, effectively cleanses and visually reduces pores, radiates a very tasty aroma. Regular use of the product will provide an anti-cellulite effect.

For all skin types except sensitive

Natural soap can be used for face and body. Apply to skin, lather and rinse with plenty of water.

Handmade soap COFFEE With foam is an effective scrub and gentle moisturizing care in one product. Regular use of this soap will provide a visible anti-cellulite effect, improves blood flow and visually levels the surface of the epidermis. Inspection cocoa butter, sweet almond and olive oils provide deep nourishment of tissues at the cellular level, give the skin silkiness and elasticity. Essential oils of orange and cinnamon harmoniously complement the aroma of coffee with festive notes and gently cleanse the dermis, showing antibacterial properties. Cosmetic glitter and coffee grain harmoniously complement the original design and overall composition.


Handmade soap COFFEE With foam in the form of an appetizing dessert will be an excellent gift for each holiday. Delicate sparkles of cosmetic Glitter will make the feeling of celebration even brighter, and the unique aroma of delicious coffee will create a fabulous mood for all lovers of this drink. A special feature of this gift soap is the content of natural ground coffee, which perfectly performs the scrub function: exfoliation of the coarsened upper layer of the epidermis, promotes skin renewal, returns silkiness and softness. By the way, a coffee scrub is best suited for body care, because the delicate skin of the face needs a softer exfoliation. The combination of the correct proportions of cocoa and almond sweet inspection oils with ground coffee perfectly stimulates the blood supply and provides an anti-cellulite effect. This is made possible by the drainage properties of coffee and the complex of active speech, which is contained in oils. This product is designed according to strict recipes according to all the laws of aroma, phytotherapy and modern cosmetology, so that in the end you will receive only luxury-quality product. Chichka brand does not use complex synthetic substances and refined products in the production of natural cosmetics. As can be seen from the list of components - there are only natural oils and other natural ingredients. We draw your attention to the fact that it is thanks to this composition that natural soap has a shelf life lower than that of mass-market analogues - only 24 months from the date of manufacture. You can order natural COFFE C Pink Gift Soap now and receive it in the next few days in your city. Treat yourself or loved ones a wonderful relaxing gift with a delicious aroma of coffee!