Mojito Gift Soap «CHICHKA»

Mojito Gift Soap
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Состав: Омыленные масла: кокосовое, оливковое, касторовое, пальмовое, рапсовое; вода; уходу масла: виноградных косточек, ши; эфирные масла лимона, мяты, иланг-иланга; минеральный пигмент мика косметическая, глиттер косметический
Тип: Косметика
Наименование: Mojito Gift Soap
Количество в упаковке: 1 шт.


Tones, refreshes, gives softness and tenderness, effectively cleanses

For all skin types

Natural soap can be used for face and body. Apply to skin, lather and rinse with plenty of water.

Mojito's natural gift soap is a real tonic cocktail in your bathroom! Appetizing aroma of lemon and mint daily to give a great mood and vigor, even after a hard day's work. Natural coconut, olive, castor and rapeseed oils penetrate the dermis, moisturizing and nourishing it at the cellular level. That is why the product will be an effective addition to your daily inspection program. Expensive shea butter (carite) and grape seed will provide luxurious softening and healthy color, strengthen the natural protective barrier of the skin in front of various irritants. In addition, the MOXITO natural soap contains in its composition cosmetic glitter - a real festive shine for your body, even on weekdays!


Do you associate Mojito only with a refreshing drink? Chichka inspirers decided to please both lovers of sweets and entertainment with their new line of Soap Cupkaces, and for lovers of special tonic drinks, we have a special gift - MOCHITO gift soap. Have you ever imagined that you can literally bathe in fragrant mint-citrus drinks? Not? Now you will be able to do it at least every day. In addition, you can feel the healing effect of natural oils on your skin - gentle cleansing and effective care. Active deeply moisturizing substances, vitamins and fatty acids contained in the product, prevent keratinization and desquamation of the dermis, provide nourishment to even the deepest layers of the dermis. Soft care components harmonize the water-alkaline balance, gently eliminate redness and prevent irritation. Mojito's natural gift soap will be a real surprise for you and your loved ones. The exclusive form of the product has the appearance of an appetizing dessert with the same delicious aroma of a popular refreshing cocktail, which creates a mix of natural essential oils of mint, lemon and ylang-ylang. In addition, the real luxury for the skin give expensive shea butter and grape seed, which are known for their nourishing and rejuvenating properties. Still wondering what to give to a friend, colleague or loved one? Be special and make only special gifts with Chichka! Natural tonic cocktail in the bathroom daily to cheer up you and your loved ones. This is a great alternative to the usual shower gels or lumps nice from the mass market, because it will provide complete skin care and cleaning.