Gift soap PANSKAYA rose «CHICHKA»

Gift soap PANSKAYA rose
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Тип: Косметика
Наименование: Gift soap PANSKAYA rose
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Soaped oils: coconut, olive, castor, palm, rapeseed; water; oil care: rosehip, grape seed, shea; palm-rose, geranium, grapefruit essential oils; pink clay, mineral pigment mica cosmetic, cosmetic glitter, rosebud dry

Gently eliminates redness and irritation, deeply moisturizes and stimulates the natural synthesis of collagen

For all skin types

Natural soap can be used for face and body. Apply to skin, lather and rinse with plenty of water.

Natural gift soap PANSKAYA rose is a salvation with increased sensitivity and the first manifestations of aging. Curative oil palm rose regulates the lipid balance of cells, maintains a smooth relief, as well as combats redness and irritation. The complex of natural oils: coconut, olive, castor and rapeseed perform the function of deep moisture and saturation of cells with nutrients. Inspection oils Rosehip, grape seed and shea (shea) harmonize the water balance of the dermis, refresh and stimulate self-renewal. In addition, the composition of natural soap includes essential oils and pink clay, which provide deep cleansing of pores and regulation of Cebu secretions.

Looking for an original gift for sophisticated nature? The inspirers of Chichka have already created it - the natural gift soap PANSKAYA rose. Special packaging with decorative elements and the shape of an appetizing dessert, decorated with a real rose bud, will make any occasion even more radiant. The tool perfectly behaves in the care of different skin types, but most effective for sensitive and mature skin. Natural rose petals have extraordinary properties - they have been aware of this for many centuries and it was not without reason that pink cosmetics have always been considered the most expensive and valuable. The complex of natural acids, microelements and vitamins, penetrating into the dermis, can reduce inflammation, reduce redness and even disinfect small wounds. In addition, palm rose oil, a large concentration of which contains natural soap PANSKAYA rose, can affect the skin from the inside - tone up, increase elasticity, smooth the relief and even eliminate subtle wrinkles. That is why such an inspection program is very necessary for mature and fading skin in order to preserve youth and healthy appearance. Radiance and natural color give the skin expensive shea butter (shea) and grape seed. Also, these components are able to stimulate the natural synthesis of collagen, which is considered the basis of the elastic and elastic surface of the epidermis. Natural soap Chichka is a high-quality luxury inspection cosmetics. Its components are exclusively natural, high-grade, obtained through close cooperation with certified Ukrainian and European companies producing cosmetic raw materials. Make your choice in favor of naturalness - and you will never return to the usual advertised products from the supermarket shelves!