Gift soap PROVENCE
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Тип: Косметика
Наименование: Gift soap PROVENCE
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Soaped oils: coconut, olive, castor, palm, rapeseed; water; oil care: almond sweet, shea, olive; lavender and grapefruit essential oils; Mica mineral pigment cosmetic dry lavender flowers, cosmetic glitter.

Soothes and relieves irritation, improves blood flow, strengthens the skin’s natural protection.

For all skin types

Natural soap can be used for face and body. Apply to skin, lather and rinse with plenty of water.

PROVENCE Natural Gift Soap is an exclusive mouth-watering design and luxurious care in one product! Coconut, olive, castor and other oils create a gentle foam and provide the basis for cleaning the epidermis from dirt and skin secretions. Expensive shea butter (carite) and sweet almond strengthen the skin's natural protection, increase blood circulation and lymph flow, from which the face and body are always healthy and radiant. Dry lavender flowers create a real festive mood of Provence. Extraordinary flavor gift soap PROVENCE gives thanks to a combination of essential oils of lavender and grapefruit.

Everyday work again flooded your life and you only have to dream about a vacation? We present you a new development of the ideological team of Chichka - PROVENCE natural gift soap. This is actually a unique tool with a special aroma, which is able to give real French romance and sensuality even after a hard day’s work. Relax your body and soul with a session of lavender aromatherapy in French Provence! If you have ever used the classic French La Corvette soap, you will immediately feel its similarity to the incredibly fragrant gift soap PROVENCE Chichka. A light cloud of lavender in combination with the luxurious aromas of expensive shea butter (carite) and sweet almond will create a festive atmosphere every day, and cosmetic glitter will give a delicate shine and radiance to your skin. In addition, the delicate foam of natural gift soap gently cleanses and nourishes, and regular use will help get rid of such common problems as dryness, dull color and irritation of the epidermis, giving in return extreme softness and silkiness. Natural coconut, olive and castor oils contain essential fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements that will keep you young and healthy looking for a long time. Natural soap PROVENCE is completely hypoallergenic and does not contain synthetic components, therefore it is suitable for the whole family and even babies. Manufacturing technology of this product provides for a sufficiently long period of ripening, therefore, in the end, you will receive a completely high-quality concentrated product, the use of which can vary up to several months. The shape of the soap has the appearance of an appetizing dessert - and this tool is guaranteed to take pride of place in your bathroom, because you can admire such beauty for a very long time before use.