Gift soap CHOCOLATE from marzipan «CHICHKA»

Gift soap CHOCOLATE from marzipan
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Состав: Омыленные масла: кокосовое, оливковое, касторовое, пальмовое, рапсовое; вода; уходу масла: какао, ши, миндаля сладкого; эфирные масла миндаля, апельсина, пачули; порошок какао, глиттер косметический
Тип: Косметика
Наименование: Gift soap CHOCOLATE from marzipan
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Gently cleanses and tones, gives the skin elasticity, firmness and silkiness

For all skin types

Natural soap can be used for face and body. Apply to skin, lather and rinse with plenty of water.

Natural gift soap CHOCOLATE from marzipan is a fragrant dessert without damage to your figure! The base oils in this product are coconut, olive, castor and rapeseed - they gently remove dirt and skin secretions, clean the pores and gently moisturize. Inspection cocoa butter, shea (carite) and sweet almond are excellent for toning and nourishing the dermis at the cellular level. Original and very appetizing aroma give cocoa and complex essential oils of almond, orange and patchouli. Regular use of natural soap will ensure healthy skin color, its elasticity and firmness. In addition, the action of natural oils is directed to eliminate dryness and possible pigmentation.

And you also love sweets as much as we love them? Especially for the sweet tooth brand Chichka launches a new series - natural gift soap CHOCOLATE from marzipan. Delicious chocolate dessert will be a wonderful gift not only for children, but also for all your loved ones - everyone will appreciate the unique design and useful properties of natural soap. The basis of this product is natural coconut, olive, castor, palm and rapeseed oils - all of them are known for their nutritional properties and contain trace elements useful for the skin, vitamins and active substances that, penetrating the dermis, are able to fill the cells with moisture, harmonize the secretion of sebum, reduce the appearance of visible skin imperfections. A special aroma for natural gift soap is created by the combination of cocoa with the fragrance of essential oils - sweet and almond, tonic orange and bold patchouli. Natural butter and cocoa powder also have other important functions: the high content of vitamins D and E in this component helps to strengthen the skin’s protective barrier, restore elasticity and healthy color. In addition, the natural gift soap CHOCOLATE from marzipan contains linoleic acid, the main function of which is to normalize the natural lipid balance in the cells of the epidermis, which in turn eliminates dryness and sensitivity of the skin, fights against flaking areas and redness. It is very pleasant to use natural soap with chocolate aroma, because this dessert is able to improve mood and save from depression - this is a fact proven by scientists! Such a gift will bring a special joy to those representatives of the fair sex, who try to avoid eating sweets, taking care of their own figure. Now you can enjoy your favorite sweets every day, which will only benefit.