Moisturizing Hand Cream with aloe and shea butter (shea) «CHICHKA»

Moisturizing Hand Cream with aloe and shea butter (shea)
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Объем: 120 мл
Тип: Косметика
Наименование: Moisturizing Hand Cream with aloe and shea butter (shea)
Количество в упаковке: 1 шт.


Rose petals hydrolates, aloe extract, oat milk, water, shea butter (shea), sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, emulsion wax, natural potassium sorbate preservative and sodium benzoate, Vit. A and E, essential oils of lavender, orange, palm rose

Effectively cares for the skin of hands, deeply moisturizes, gives elasticity and smoothness.

For all skin types, including dry and sensitive

Apply a small amount of the product to the skin of the hands, it is easy to massage until completely absorbed

Natural Hand Cream « Moisturizer » with aloe and shea butter (carite) from the brand Chichka - this is a real elixir against dryness, peeling and feeling of tightness of your hands. Hydrolates of rose petals, like a weightless cloud, moisturize even the deeper layers of the epidermis, smoothing wrinkles and eliminating the coarsened zone, and prevent further cell loss of moisture. Valuable shea butter (shea butter), sweet almond and jojoba provide a complete nourishing complex for the skin, thereby returning tone and elasticity. Aloe extract creates an invisible but powerful protective barrier that protects the surface of the dermis from the negative effects of irritation. The fragrant essential oils of lavender, orange and palm roses reveal a unique trail of natural fragrances on the skin of your hands, unobtrusively complement your particular look for every day.

Hand skin care must necessarily include the processes of hydration - everyone knows about it, but not everyone adheres to this rule. Heredity or the negative influence of the environment leave their mark on the delicate surface of the hands in the form of dryness and flabbiness, peeling zones and a constant feeling of tightness, and in some cases even with possible manifestations of pigmentation. Especially for dry skin, Chichka brand has developed a natural hand cream « Moisturizer » with aloe and shea butter (shea). A feature of this tool is extremely rapid penetration into the deep layers of the epidermis and their deep moisture. Almost immediately after application, you will feel its extreme softening properties, the skin acquires elasticity and softness, and regular use of the product will help reduce the appearance of pigment spots as well as expensive salon products. The light consistency of the cream, while all ingredients are natural, does not leave a greasy film on the surface of the epidermis, as from homemade creams. The basis of natural hand cream is hydrolat of rose petals, this ingredient is known for its special ability to smooth the surface of the skin and restore elasticity to it. In addition, rose petals have a special ability to prevent pigmentation of the epidermis, is an important factor in the program of mature skin care. In addition, a complex of vitamins and expensive oils in the composition of the tool is designed to eliminate the coarsened zone of the epidermis and improve tone, provided regular use. Chichka brand guarantees undeniable quality of its products, therefore natural hand cream “Moisturizing” » does not contain any allergens and irritants and will be an ideal addition to the sensitive skin care program.