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Drinking honey
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Объем: 500 мл
Состав: вода родниковая, мед, пряные травы
Тип: Косметика
Наименование: Drinking honey
Количество в упаковке: 1 шт.


Drinking honey (honey wine) — it is a useful, tasty, healing and nutritious drink, which in its consumer qualities is not inferior to grape wine, and sometimes exceeds it. Drinking honey is produced by boiling the honey mash with the addition of various aromatic components. Honey wine — it is not only a foodstuff, but also medicine, since in the processing of honey, part of its medicinal properties goes into wine. The healing properties of drinking honey are due to natural alcohol, vitamins and enzymes (obtained as a result of natural fermentation) and natural glucose and fructose, organic acids.
Drinking honey was one of the first liquors ever made by man. In Ukraine, the manufacture and use of honey drinks has been known for a long time. Honey drinks were widely consumed in Scythia, in Russia. In Ukraine-Rus, drinking honey was considered one of the most noble drinks and served an important social function. Honey was boiled and consumed on holidays, honey was prepared and consumed, as a rule, by the general community — it means honey was a sacred, ritual and ceremonial drink. Honey in Russia was cooked by all strata of society — princes, nobles, clergy, burghers, peasants.

Honey drinks were also widely distributed in other countries of the ancient world on the territory of modern Europe: in England, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Scandinavia. According to one of the Greek legends, bees tamed Bacchus for the first time — god of wine In ancient Greek mythology, it was asserted that ambrosia (the food of the gods) and nectar (honey drink) endowed the leaders of the eternal youth and immortality. The father of medicine Hippocrates advised to drink honey drink to recuperate.
Our drinking honey is cooked according to an old Ukrainian recipe with the addition of a whole bunch of spicy herbs. Balanced ingredients are selected for an unforgettable transformation from honey-sweet to barely tart spicy.